Fujiwara Tofu Cafe x Touge2Track - Attack The Circuit !

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To celebrate the collaboration with Touge2Track for the upcoming track day on January 7th , we made some decals featuring the race track that Touge2Track is hosting next month which includes Horse Thief Mile & Big Willow.
Featuring 藤原とうふ茶店 Fujiwara Tofu Cafe & Touge2Track's Logo , the name of the track on the bottom and the map design in the background.

Please choose from the following :
1) Horse Thief Mile
2) Big Willow

° 9 cm x 9 cm
° Distorted Die Cut Vinyl
° Cut in the USA
° Sold Individually


° Please allow 4-5 DAYS for orders to be processed for shipping.
° All Sales Final

  • Horse Thief Mile
  • Big Willow