[GROUP BUY] Initial D AE86 & FD LED Circuit Board iPhone Case

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⚠️ This item will ONLY be available to order til March 26th ⚠️

This is a ONE TIME ONLY GROUP BUY Item. All orders are made to order from Osaka , Japan and shipped from Japan to US by June 1st.

● This is an official license product designed and manufactured from Osaka, Japan
● This scene is a battle between Takumi Fujiwara's AE86 and Keisuke Takahashi's FD in the Initial D Legend movie "Initial D: The Awakening"
● 1 LED is installed on the "D" character of "Initial D"
● All the LED will light up when it received a radio signal
● Converts the radio waves emitted by the iPhone itself into electricity
●The TPU material used in the case is a soft and elastic as rubber and as strong and tough as hard plastic.
● Designed and manufactured in Japan, all products comply with RoHS standards (lead-free products)
Product details
14 Pro: 151mm×75mm×13mm (camera lens part)
14 ProMax: 164mm×82mm×13.5mm (camera lens part)
15 Pro: 150mm×75mm×13.5mm (camera lens part)
15 ProMax: 163mm×81mm×13.5mm (camera lens part)
Electronic components used: LED (1 piece), resistor (1 piece), diode (12 pieces), capacitor (12 pieces)
Origin: Japan

◆ Not compatible with MagSafe adsorption, supports MagSafe charging or wireless charging
◆ The mobile phone case will melt easily when the temperature is 50 degrees or above! Please be aware!